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Monday, April 19, 2004

Geezus christ I HATE chilli. Well maybe hate's too strong a word. I don't like chilli. Not one bit. Mild chilli's fine, but the mouth n tongue scorching types are a strict no-no for me. All they do is give me a slow-burning stomachache that eventually ends in me racing for the toilet. And cursing.

Hey I don't deny that most Malaysians are chilli-eaters. The more fiery, the better they like it. But me, I guess I'm a placid person, with a placid stomach. But its damn bloody well irritating to have to go to the toilet everytime ya eat something thats jus a wee bit (sort of) too hot for ya. Yech.

I tell ya...Aussies are soooooooooooo dumb. They can be sooooooooooooooooooo irritating, especially the old, racist ones. To all those who love Aust and all that comes with it, good on ya, but I'm starting to really hate their crap. Well, the bad ones anyway. Besides, have u ever had anyone so dumb that when told to "press on the 'Start' button on your desktop", they actually do press it.....with their FINGER?!?!?

Jokers, all of 'em, I tell ya.
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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Blee bloo blaa....

Whoa...and I'm back! Again. After such a long time of no blogging, it seems weird to be doing it again, considering for some reason I havent been reading other ppl's blogs for quite awhile. Don't ask me why, I just haven't. I know I've been meaning to start blogging again for awhile (the last month or so, actually), but because I've been busy at work (and work's the only place where I've got regular access to the internet) I've been puttin' it off some.

Yes, to all those who don't know, I've recently changed jobs again. Its my 3rd job in less than 2 years. That's not a really good record, y'know. Its like I can't commit to a job or something, I mean, I'm changing jobs every 6 months or so! And its not as if I'm a person who CRAVES adventure or whatever...I just wanna go to work everyday, do the same thing everyday. But for some reason I just can't seem to stick to a job...hahahaha.....

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