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Tuesday, October 21, 2003


As of yesterday, I shall be working in Uptown for several weeks. I never believed it before, but changes do happen fast in my computer. I've just been transferred (as per my wishes) along with several other of my colleagues, to be the pioneers of my company's new project, which is setting up a call centre for Fed Ex. So if your company's got any problems with their delivery and call the Fed Ex Hotline, chances are that you might just hear my voice on the line.

So far, training's been alright, but then again, I'm only in my second day. The training room's awfully cold, and I keep falling asleep! There's lotsa calculations involved in this too, but luckily when we go live, the system will do those tedious (and brain cracking) calculations for us. Yay! Fortunately, there's lots of food to be found around here (Uptown being a major hub for food, day and night), unlike my office in KL, where the nearest food places are a good 5 minute walk away (at least). Dah la mahal pulak tu!

Anyway, I'm typing this during the last few minutes of my extended lunch hour, which is due to end pretty soon, I think, so I'd better get going. I think its about time I tell the Yccians that I've begun blogging again, huh? Heh.
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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Posting from the office as usual, this time I'm having a pretty busy day for once. The bosses want us to call a hundred phone numbers a day, or in my case, by 4pm becuase I'm calling Gateway's Aussie customers. However, since the phone lines are down until further notice, I can't do nuts for the time being.

Damn I can't believe this. Whether or not I go to work the day before, I'll still go to the office tired. I took yesterday off (kononnya MC la...) because I was too broke to go to work. And too tired. All I did on my day off was lie on my bed and watch VCDs the whole day long. I must have watched like 6 movies or so! But regardless of what I did yesterday, I still slept late last night (around 3+am) and still ended up dragging myself to work this morning tired as hell.

Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with me. Ever since I've started work, the days seem to crawl by...however, on the other hand, there doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day to accomplish the things I want/need to do. Because of that, I don't get enough rest and I keep getting sick. Going to work sucks a$$!

*Blink, blink* Wait a second.

Not blogging for such a long time has sure made me rusty. I almost forgot that this weblog ISN'T rated G, or PG, or PG-13. So why the hell did I use "sucks a$$" instead of just saying it out the way its supposed to be said? SUCKS ASS! SUCKS ASS! SUCKS ASSSSSS!!! *Sighs in pleasure* Now I feel much better.

If you're still wondering what the hell that last paragraph was for, there can only be 2 real reasons. One, you don't know me well enough. Thats normal. Two, I'm quite tired, my thoughts are scattered everywhere and my stomach feels bloated with gas.

Dammit I feel like I'm PMS-ing. Ahhhhh, I'm just gonna go play some games on MSN.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

And a Fresh Start!


I haven't blogged in a damn long time, havent I? I've even forgotten almost all the basic html I knew. Its been, what, a half year? I'm not quite sure what caused me to stop blogging...but I sure as hell know what's caused me to start again. Boredom at the office. LOL!

Due to a major screwup at the office, my teammates and I are left hanging because the project that we were originally hired and trained for didn't kick off. Thankfully, my employers do have a conscience and didn't fire us. Heh. So now, we're all getting 'gaji buta', or free pay to remain in 'training' until they actually find a project to shove us into. Which is why half of us are applying for a transfer from whatever we're doing now (which is basically nothing), to work on another project.

After all, a month and a half of boredom is all we can take, free pay or not.

For those of you who wish that you had nothing to do...well...take it from a career slacker who's been doing nothing...it sucks. Staying at home is fine if you're used to it, at least your time is your own. Sleep whenever you want, eat whenever you want, watch your vcds, play your games, listen to your music, whatever. But if your in the office...you can't do anything even if you've got nothing to do! Boss's orders were, "Sit at your pc, make a few calls from the list, do anything as long as you look busy!" Or something like that. So sue me, my memory isn't what it used to be.

Anyway, back to looking busy again.
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