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Saturday, November 30, 2002

After PC Crash #1 and #2:
Bahhh!! If there's one thing that I hate most about Malaysia..its the frickin Internet connection. I've gotten disconnected 3 times in the last half hour..and the worst part is that for some reason, every time I get disconnected, my comp hangs. It wouldn't be as bad if I'd just got disconnected, but noooooooooo...my comp has to go wonky and COMMIT BLOODY SUICIDE!! I lost a whole blog post in the last crash :( Well, it was only about 3 paragraphs long, but I can never rewrite it the same way! If I write it again, it won't be as detailed or original...it'll just be like..erm...an express train ride. Heh.

After PC Crash #3:
ARGH!!! Forget it!! I give up!!!!! Details of my night: Went to LQ. Met Mei (my ex). Thought she was cute. Thought her friend Mike was funny. Had lots of fun dancing but left LQ early (just before 2am) coz Oscar was tired. Went to a Chinese pub called Storm@Fung Wan at BBWalk. Met 2 other friends there. Met Oscar's friend there too. She leng lui. The friend, not Oscar lah. Oscar's not a lui. Left at 3. Went yumchar. Came home. Found out that Mom left me a note, but she wasnt mad at me for coming home at 4. Yay! It was actually a list of things that I'd asked her to write down for me. Took bath. Came online. Blogged. Cursed and swore at PC for crashing on me 3 times, and $*#)#* internet connection for making my pc crash twice. Am now arguing with Oscar over the past and the present. Bleh. Lagi no mood to blog. Bah.
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Friday, November 29, 2002

Bleh..my smoking habits have gone to hell because I'm staying at home again. Smoked a whole pack yesterday and only half a stick the whole of today. Its so bad I'm going into nicotine withdrawal. Its like, I can only smoke when I go out, or whenever no one's around or when my whole family's asleep. But if I smoke when my whole family's asleep then I gotta spray the place with air freshener..but since I don't have any at the moment, I gotta use my deodorant (which I've found is quite effective for spotchecks). The prob is, if it was back in Perth, my room's pretty well aired out, but here..its kinda stuffy, and not half as airy. Bleh. Irritating. Heh, I smoked in my room the first night I was back because I simply couldn't take it anymore, and the next morning Mom barged into my room to wake me up (I'd forgotten to lock the door), and immediately asked me if I'd been smoking. In my half asleep state, the best excuse I could cook up was that I'd bought this crappy new incense from the 2 dollar shop and burned it last night (she knows I like incense n scented candles n stuff..cos its the only way I can get rid of the 'stuffy' smell in my room..blek). I mean, the smell was so strong that even I could smell it the moment I woke up. Oh well, whatever it is, she bought the excuse, and even repeated it to my aunt later that day. Rofl. I should be in advertising man...hahhahahhaa.

Been doing nothing but playing games on my comp and goin out with old friends for the past couple of days. Havent felt like blogging or goin online very much...just wanted to either get out of the house or away from the family by immersing myself in my games. Sigh. I thought coming home would be fun...well it is..but staying at home is a whole nuther story.

Oscar's been going overboard with her 'wanting me back' and 'missing me so much'. I know she's probably gonna read this, but I gotta tell her somehow, and talking to her about it can drive me up the wall. What she really needs to do is lighten up a lil..or a lot actually. Her antics are just driving me further away. Sheesh. I mean like, to me, her behaviour right now is absolutely obedient to me..she listens to everything I say, does everything I tell her to do, bla bla bla. Seriously, if I really wanted a slave or Indonesian maid for my gf, then I'd go get one. Yeah I know, if you look at it from the other side of the story its like she's just doing everything she can in her power to get me back. She's changed for me (apparently for the better), and she'll become whatever I want her to become. Geez, what am I, a slave driver? A dominatrix? I don't get off on that..not at all. It sorta disgusts me. Right now I just wanna be friends because ..sheeit if she'd been like this before the 1st time we got together, hell, I wouldn't have gotten with her at all! Its like, she has no personality when she's around me besides the 'I desperately want you back' type. I can only stand so much of it. Oscar, if you're readin this, please listen to Irene's advice...its alot truer and better than you think it is. I was talkin to her yesterday and even I agreed with her. *Rolls eyes

Damn...I'm hungry..been eatin alot today...boy do I have an appetite! But no hot food now :( I got some instant noodles that I brought back from Perth (I knew I'd need 'em, since every other form of instant noodle in my house is EXPIRED...sheesh.), but Mom's sleeping on the couch tonite (she wuz too lazy to wash up and get her ass to bed, rofl). So if I use the microwave (the stove's filled with pots and pans..duh), the beeping would wake her up, and she'd nag me summore about how much I'm eating, how fat I am, blah blah blah...when actually I'm NOT fat. I even lost a few pounds (not alot) from the last time she saw me before I left for Perth. But for some reason, the fact that I'm NOT fat won't stick in her head. In fact, I don't think its ever gotten into her head. She's been on my case about it since I was a kid...sheesh. She's always finding new things to crap about my weight...I think its time I did some payback..I've noticed that her pelvis (for some weird reason), has gotten bigger (its quite noticable when you stand beside her cuz she likes to tuck her blouse into her jeans)..muahahah...now every time she comments about my weight or my tummy, I'll comment about her pelvis..hmm...what CAN I comment about pelvises? *scratches head* Any ideas? :P

Shit..I can't take it anymore..I'm off to make some Indo Mee and then I'm off to smoke, and then bed. Mmmm....foood.....
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Thursday, November 28, 2002

Hey...this bloody post is a day late!! what the heck is wrong with blogger this time?

HARLOW! My second post after I've touched down in KL again....dunno why, but over the last few days I haven't felt like blogging at all...must be I'm too busy having fun. I've been on the move ever since I came back. Been goin out every day and every night too...not always with my friends, but mostly my family. I've had 2 family dinners in a row...hmm..actually when you come to think of it, I spent every moment after I came back with my family...well except for the 2 hrs when I went yumchar with Oscar (because I really really REALLY needed a fag..and teh-o-ais limau) :P But other than that, its been family all the way until yesterday evening, when I went out at 6 (again with Oscar) to play pool and then on to a gathering at Steven's Corner at OUG. It wasn't too bad a gathering..except that I knew only 1 other person there besides Oscar...so I kinda kept quiet most of the time. Oh well. Today pulak went out with an ex-collegemate of mine. Heh...went to this place just outside Atria which serves some very very good vegetarian food...yummy! Its at the food court(?) that's right outside the entrance of Atria. Do call me along when you go...I wouldn't mind joining you :P But beware...the place is packed during lunchtime.

Oh btw, anyone know a good bubble-tea place to recommend? My friends got me hooked onto it in Perth (where its much more popular), and I'm very addicted to it now. I need to get my fix of it at least once every few days or so. More often if I can. Hehe. I know there's one in Section 14...I had it today..they've got a big selection of flavours, but the pearls abit hard lah... :/ Heheh...am wondering just when in the world I became a bubble tea conniseur (is that how its spelt? I can't remember). Hehe.

And for those who wanna call me...I've sent out my mobile number on the mailing list (those of you on it will know what I'm talking about, those of you who don't...oh go get stuffed :P ).
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Sunday, November 24, 2002

WOOP! I am HOME people! Feel free to call me anytime at my old handphone number...as in, the number I had BEFORE I left for Perth. Heh. Yea yea yea. I wanna go yumcharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!
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Saturday, November 23, 2002

I JUST GRADUATED!!! Bwahahahaha....just finished the most final, of all my final exams ever! Tonite I wwill be meetin Jean, and clubbing after that (not with Jean tho..she wants to watch a movie at home ;P). Anyway, need to go now...gotta check my mail and clear out this pc then go home n continue packing before I gotta get ready.

Countdown to Malaysia...err...1. Heh.
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Thursday, November 21, 2002

Woohoo..cut my hair and bleached it...AGAIN. Heheheheh. So those of you who wanna see me wit my new cut better meet up with me quick before it grows out! :P This time I dyed it properly...just the top..and a little on the sides...but the sides one can't see anything....its just a very dark brown/black...bleh wasted. But still, its different. And I like it. I bleached half of it myself....cuz since my hair's so short I don't need a mirror to do the back, because I don't have much hair at the back of my head anyway. :P

Anyway gotta go liaoz...need to study for exam this sat...bah...summore I'm going out tomorrow...souvenir shopping for family...I have no more luggage spaaace!!! *sob* Oh well. tataz.
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Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Okay, I had nothing to do but take quizzes. Hee. Forgive me, its my day off before I start studying for my exam on Saturday afternoon. Can you believe it? SATURDAY AFTERNOON! Bah.

What's your sexual appeal?

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Yeah Baby! That's me alright...rofl.

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Ho!. Fits me to a T. And for all of you boy crazy people, here's a pretty picture for ya.

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Cin would like this next test. Lol.

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Okay that's all from me. I'm sleepy. I want weed. Damn.
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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Woah. I just finished my last assignment ever, which is why I havent really been posting very regularly these days. Been busy with work, don't y'know. Oh quit looking so shocked, I DO do my work, overall, I'm a pretty okay student. I always do my work and hand it up on time (unless I get an extension, of course). Always. I've never failed to hand up work before. I may slack a little when it comes to attending lectures and tutes (especially lectures, actually) but at least I still pass my courses. Come to th ink of it, I havent failed anything since back when I was in Form 5 and flunked my mid-term. Heh.

Anyway my assignment was a 35% website that I had to create. When I was finally done with it, I was like...man it looks good! But then, after seeing the websites done by other students, I realised that I didn't have enough theory packed inside. Well..I don't think I have any theory at all, just one or two personal observations. Mostly all that I wrote about was just my personal experiences. Oh no. Now I'm worried. Superbly worried. Heck, its 35%'s worth of my final mark...and I don't have enough theory in it...eep. This is not good. *Sigh*

Anyways, Cindy asked me to put my website up on the net. Well, I guess I will..when I find a reliable host. I've never put a website up on the net before, so I'm not really too sure what to do. The closest I've come to it is with this blog, and I didn't really have to upload anything, just type and click on Publish. Heh. Yea, I'm a lazy arse.

Oh well, after this its off to the guild, I think, to check out some of the Murdoch t-shirts. I saw a couple of 'em..they're pretty nice. And not too expensive too. Besides, where else can you get these shirts anyway. Heh. Bleh. Me brain so dead. I'm so not used to suffering from lack of sleep. Bah.
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Sunday, November 17, 2002

Bah...Blogback's screwed up my comment section this time...sheesh...i can't read any of my comments now!! Waahhh! I'm changin to Haloscan like right NOW...blehs. How? Nice? :P Its much better than BlogBack, that's for sure!

Well..didn't get my weed today..my friend ffk me...basket...but nvm..asked another friend to try and get some for me, heh. Should get it by tomorrow or the day after..just in time for the weekend...yippee!! Hehehehe....

Went for dinner at a friend's place today...wah...there wuz SO much food...I even got to tapau my next meal back..and there wuz still alot of food left over. It was a feast I tell ya..summo some of the juniors from my course were over there...holy cow, that bunch is hilarious! All of us laughed till our stomachs ached and then some. One or two of them were pretty good lookin' too...so technically, I got 2 feasts instead of just 1...heh..eyes and tummy...yum...*winks*. One of 'em looked just like the type of girl I'd always fancied..small sized, slim, long hair, ladylike but still sporty...and her personality is sooooooooo cute! Heheh. And the other one...of a different type of outlook, but one that I still fancy, albeit less than the first one. Tall, but not too tall, utmostly feminine, quiet, sweet looking, shoulder length hair....ugh...*drool*. Beh tahan.

Heheh...sumtin' awful funny happened earlier. Because I go online from the lab, the most popular question that my uni friends will ask me is "Is the lab printer working?" Coz the lab printer's always wanked, either due to some mysterious paper jam problem, or running out of toner. So tonight, so happens there was this one joker who stuck himself in front of the printer for like, 2 hours, printing out god knoes what. He had this stack of already printed papers in front of him, and he kept slotting more into the printer. He even got tired of standing and dragged up a chair and just SAT there slotting in new papers and collecting the printed ones and chucking them to one side. Anyway, 2 of my friends messaged me on ICQ and asked me about the condition of the printer, both stating that they had lots of assignment stuff to print. When I told them about the guy, both of 'em started cussing and swearing. Then, about half an hour later, just when they had cooled down, the guy stopped printing stuff. So I relayed that to my friends. They were happily thanking me until...the lab door swung open, another guy walked in with a huge block of fresh A4 papers and handed them to the first guy, who happily began feeding them into the printer again. I don't think I've ever heard my 2 friends swear so much before in my whole life.

Btw, to all my former and current classmates, does this remind u of anything? =P hehehe...

Like, just because I don't do it anymore doesn't mean that I don't have a reputation to upkeep, don't y'knoe?
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Saturday, November 16, 2002

Woop! *Dances around in joy* I got my presentation results back...I got a solid D!!!! I mean distinction. Heh. Yay yay yay! I got 75 marks for it, which is right smack in the middle of the distinction range. Hehehehe...me and my groupmates are still ecstatic about it...we each expected just a credit, which is what we normally get anyhow, but this was - is - incredible! All our hard, albeit last minute, work really did pay off. The slackers in class kicked ass! And we done kicked some GOOD ass...rofl.

Okay forgive me. Its rare I get anything higher than a Pass or Credit, which really does state quite clearly the quality of my work. In any case, I now know that if I can't get a proper job in an office, I can always work in a supermarket as a promoter...I should be good at that. Would anyone like a free sample? =P

Got a lil stoned the night before last. Friend had just enough weed left for a joint, so we shared it. Heh. Am buying a half-bag for myself tomorrow, gonna cost me A$12.50. A friend of mine's gonna get it for me. He even assured me that the stuff he gets is very good cut, blah blah blah. Right. Like I care very much. I can't even tell the difference between the good and the better quality stuff. After all, its not like I smoke it all the time, or they give lectures about it in uni. Me just wanna get blazed well and good before I go back to a life of restrictions in KL. Thus I predict that this is gonna be a very stoney week for me...muehehehe. Oh yes yes yes! Hehoehoehoeheoheo. Okay I'm too hyper. I think its because I'm cold. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!! Haahahaha...all to myself!!! Hahahahaha....*jumps around like a maniac*
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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Hmm...I've sure been busy lately, haven't I? Its been awhile since I was that busy...and now I'm busy with something else...catching up with people's blogs. For those current entries..I commented. But for those past entries that I missed and have already been archived..I'll be commenting here.

But first, a short grandmother story from me...(my actual post for today). There's the good news, and the embarassing news. Since I know all of you would want to hear the embarassing news first, I'll start with the good news. Yes, I know, I'm doing it on purpose. So blow me, ya wanker. Oh I SO love that phrase. Anyway, me went whale watching today! We had many many sightings! Was very lucky. Took some pictures...though when I'll actually post em up here will be a mystery not to be solved in the near future. Besides, who wants to see pics of whales flipping their tails out of the water anyhow? You get that enough on National Geographic. Me like being on boats, with the smell of the sea in my nose, the sight of the deep blue sea stretched before me and the wind blowing in my face and (not) ruffling my hair (my hair's stiff from gel and too short for the wind to do anything about it) *thumbs nose up at Nina* Heh. I was the only one in my group of friends who didn't have wind ruffled hair after the 2++ hours of being on the boat. Everyone was jealous..rofl...especially this friend of mine who's unattractically windblown hair actually shocked one of the boat's crew...LOL.

And now on to the embarassing news. I get seasick. Quite easily too. Sigh. And I did so like the sea. I don't get sick when I'm on a motor boat though...the boat cuts through the water too fast for it to bob about much, but the boat I was on today was a fat bottomed scow that moved with the slightest ripple of water. Bah. How NOT to get seasick?? And I even took 2 of those 'seasick' pills. They didn't work. I still went all green and almost upchucked. Then when I went to the toilet to get better acquainted with it, I wasn't sick anymore. How irritating is that? But when I went back up, I got sick again. Bah. Finally I just decided to lean back against one of the comfy chairs and take a nap...which I succeeded in doing, even though I'd slept for 14 straight hours after my presentation the day before. Which was pretty good, if I do say so myself. The presentation, I mean. It was short and sweet (which was doubly good because the group before us went over the time limit by about 20 minutes..and the limit WAS 20 minutes), and we had food samples for the audience because our topic was about jam.

Anyway, post is too long already, so will leave off with my comments for other ppl's blogs.

TJ: Happy Japan!!! Have fun!! (if you get to read this =P)

Hani: Read your blog on your dream house. It sounds beautiful. Really. You really have everything planned out nice. I havent really thought about what I'd want my future home to be like (I say 'home' because I don't believe in houses...I believe in homes. Its a substantial difference). Mostly I havent thought of it because I havent found the person I wanna spend the rest of my life with yet. Oscar isn't the one, neither is Jody, and neither is my other ex, Mei. Another reason why I havent thought of what my home would be like is because the only time I've ever thought about it is when Oscar or Mei brought it up. And the thought of spending the rest of my life (a really loooong time) with someone else still freaks me out, and I get all sweaty and panicky. Like I said, I havent found the right person yet. It makes a big difference. I'm not really a commitment-phobic...I'm pretty loyal. But I do believe in 1 day at a time...and I'm prolly like most men when they're faced with the decision of spending 'eternity' with another woman. Don't complain, people, I DID say MOST men.

San-chan: About your mom...a tip from me. Even though staying home may seem uncomfortable for you, its better than 'running around' at night and making your mom worry about where you are and what you're doing. That's probably another reason why she's so grumpy. She's worried and she doesn't like it much. After all, who likes to worry? Trust me on this, she DOES feel bad about acting irrationally the way she does. She's growing old and she knows it. Having to acknowledge your own mortality is a bad bad feeling. Especially knowing that you ain't no young blossom anymore, and death ain't as far off as it was when you were young. We still young punks. We're immortal. Imagine having this fear that you're gonna die soon and you won't be able to see your kids anymore, your family. That you can't give them advice, lead them along the path you think is the best for them...even if it really aint, all your mom is trying to do is help. Mom's tend to want to help overmuch..and usually in the worst possible way. That's why so many kids rebel. I know it, and I still rebel. Deep down your mom still loves you. Like Hani commented on Monday's entry on your blog, your mom DID remind your father. If she didn't care, she wouldn't have bothered whether you got the damned comic book or not. Err..if it was a comic book you wanted. I can't really remember. Just keep saying hi and bye to your mom, whether or not she's still throwing 'dark looks' at you. She's still your mother. At the very least, she deserves a 'hi' and 'bye'. Let her be grumpy, she carried you for 9 months and she couldn't scream at you for all the backaches you caused her. She prolly thinks this is the only way she can get revenge for that. =P

Nina: Selamat Merry-Go-Round! Muahahahaha...and I still think you want me. So there. And err...didn't bother reading your story...too long lah..mata sakit...besides, I have no idea who your characters are...so it wouldn't be much fun for me. Grats on exam, btw. Mine is on the 23rd. Oh joy, Saturday after next. And I'm leaving on Sunday night. Whee...watch me bury myself (knowingly) in facts and definitions, then packing. Wonderful.

Jean: POST!

Mazzie: I dunno if you read my blog or not...but whether or not you do...I have no idea what you're talking about in your blog..but it seems to be a personal matter, so I'll stay out of it.

Muni: Gettin awfully cranky, ain't ya? Puasa and PMS gettin to you? Take it easy gurl...janganlah extreme sangat...I'll nuzzle you back into cheerfulness when I get back :P They don't call me a pussy cat for nuthin'. *wink* Ahh...its nice to be named after my favourite food. Uhh..I mean bodypart. =P
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Monday, November 11, 2002

Ugh. Me so tired. But to avoid my work for a little longer...I'll blog. A short post won't hurt now would it? Well..considering its awfully late already and I still have lots of work to do..it may hurt just a little..but I'm willing to risk that. After all, I have a slacker's reputation to maintain. Heheh.

Got my 50% presentation tomorrow. Or rather later today. Hopefully I'll do well...everything hinges on me, cuz I'm the only presenter. My other 2 group mates insisted that I be the only one to present...and now I'm stuck with having to write out my 'script', make cue cards, and memorize 'em. Bah. The lucky sods. Just came from another friend's flat where we were working all day on this dumb presentation..getting the last minute details right..as well as finishing up our powerpoint and website for it. And no, the website's not on the web..its only in my friend's laptop. And its a crappy piece of junk anyhow...well it ain't TOO bad...but its nothing I'd bother looking at twice, thats for sure.

And now I'm chugging Vanilla Coke by the 600ml bottle...just to stay awake. I've washed my face to wake me up abit (haven't done that in ages!) but my eyelids are starting to droop again. My eyes feel dry, contacts are sticking to my eyeballs, and the whole comp lab is empty except for one guy who HAS to be sitting at my fave comp. Lucky me. Oh, he's leaving now. Hurrah! Oh well...back to work...but first...its smokey smoke time!!! Yay! Hey don't look at me like that...I need all the caffeine and nicotene that I can stand without having it give me a headache...its gonna be a loooooong night...
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Sunday, November 10, 2002

Oooo...its been a busy busy weekend :( But no worries, as usual, I still found the time to relax. Heh. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I took the whole of yesterday off from schoolwork (not that I have very much of it anyway) and the Internet (because it seemed to be too much trouble to walk down to the lab) to spend my time lazing around at home, just reading, eating, drinking (hey its dry here..makes me thirsty), reading, sleeping and reading. Heheh. Yes, I read alot. In fact, I spent the WHOLE day reading. It was glorious! But then again I do that most of the time anyway.

The reason I've been reading so much lately (Finished off 5 books in a week...and almost done with the 6th) is because I've discovered the joys of the Murdoch library. I know, that may sound familiar but thats because I've said it before. That place is absolutely FILLED with nice books...most that I havent read before. Sadly, I've only got 3 weeks to read as much as I can before I leave. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, in 3 short weeks I WILL BE HOME! Hrm..actually I'm not too happy to be going home. Yea, sure its gonna be nice seein my friends again, but then I'll be giving up some of the things that I actually like about Australia. Like the clean air and clear skies, for example. Or the freedom I have. Or the wonderful radio and TV (not that I watch much of it anyhow but its always a comfort knowing that its there). Lots of simple stuff like that. If only certain aspects of Australia could be combined with certain aspects of Malaysia..then I'll truly have found my home. *Blink blink* Gee...I'm starting to sound wistful...I definately think I've been reading too much...not that that's gonna stop me though. =P

Hoho, I'm rolling in the $$ this week!! A friend of mine just returned the A$280 she owed me...it feels good to have 3 greenbacks (A$100 notes) in my wallet, but then, sadly, the money isn't mine. It actually belongs to my aunt. Bleh. And then another classmate of mine owes me A$50 because I did an assignment for him..hehehe...50 bucks just for writing a 2000 word essay that I'd done before...summore it was the same question I did (because the joker only gave me 1 night's notice to do it). I think he really got his 50 bucks worth though, cos the essay I wrote for him definately looked a whole lot better than the one I handed in. But then the 50 bucks is as good as spent for me because I gotta pay for professional cleaning of some curtains cos I smoke in my room..and I didn't have time to give the drapes a wash before the SV supervisors did their major inspections. Bah. That is so not nice. But anyway gotta run..need to go to a friend's flat and help her with her laptop...even with my pitiful knowledge of computers, I still know more about 'em that all my other friends. And as Poledra (Belgarath's wife) would say, how remarkable. Rofl.

Oh no..both also the same as Munira's...lol...and why you wanna pinch my butt for gurl? Can't you find better uses for your fingers? Uh..hands? Heh..I meant hands. Really I did. Like it makes much of a difference anyway.

How Horny Are You?

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What Sign of Affection Are You?

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Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Gee...I havent blogged in many days. But I'm still not as bad a Nina. Or Fabian. Especially Fabian. :P *hint hint..BLOG MORE FABIAN!!!* Okay okay, I know you're very busy...but still...you have nice nonsense to read. *blinks* No, I'm not in love with Fabian too thank ya'll very much.

Been havin lots n lotsa dreams in the past few days. Maybe its the stress, maybe its the hormones, maybe its caused by too much sleep or an overactive mind, I don't know...but what I do know is that I've been dreaming about that girl again. I can't remember what the dreams were about...but I DO know she was in them...as the same 'character' she played in the earlier dream I had (refer to last entry). She keeps popping up in the past few days. Its not that I'm not happy to see her but...it keeps reminding me of the fact that of all the people that I know, she's not among them. 'That's kinda depressing, really. Of course, I'd be happily attached by now, and for the rest of my life too if I DID already know her (and that would be B-O-R-I-N-G) *ahem*, but then again, changing partners every 2 months or so is kinda tiring in the emotional sense. And depressing as well. I WANT THAT GIRL DAMMIT!!! I wanna hug her, and kiss her, and hold her tight at night and bury my face in her hair...uh...err...oops...sorry too mushy. But I really do wanna do those things. I love doin' those things.

Hmm..have you guys ever had those moments where you feel that everything is just perfect? Well, perhaps 'perfect' may be too strong a word..but...its like one of those moments where you get the strong feeling that everything is right in the world. When being alive makes you count your blessings and all you wanna do is just enjoy the moment, savour the peace and the happy feeling in your heart, ignore time and everything else around you. Hee. I had TWO of those moments on Monday. Lucky me! The first was when I was walking home after handing up my assignment (no, all this had nothing to do with finishing my work). Anyways, I was just walking back, when I looked up at the sky..and it was an absolutely AMAZING sky. Most people take the sky for granted, forgetting that if they ever want to look at something beautiful, all they had to do is look up. The sky on that day was perfect. (there goes that word again) It was a wonderful shade of blue, cloudless and framed by the view of faraway houses and trees. And the day was nice and warm, with a hint of a cool breeze...sigh...excellent.

The 2nd 'perfect' moment I had that day was just after I woke up from sleep at about 8.30 that night (hey I did stay up the night before to do my assignment :P ). The room was dark, except for some light shining in through the window, and quiet, and the radio was playing my (currently) favourite song. And then there was that peaceful feeling again. This time there was a tinge of nostalgia in it, probably because I've lain in the dark many times in my life listening to the radio. And I just lay there on my bed, fully awake, not drowsy at all, for a full hour and a half, just listening to the radio and staring up at the ceiling. It was amazing. I'd like to do it again except that I can't get back the same peaceful feeling, which is regretful.

*Ahem* Now for the mandatory report on my lunch with Jean...since she left it up to me to post it. I was in my Writing for the Stage class when suddenly she smsed me. Free for lunch? she asked. Of course I said yes. Who in his/her right mind would say no to a lunch invitation by a beautiful, buxom, ravishing...okay okay I'll quit lying. :P Anyways, met up with Jean, went to the city, had Japanese (again..but not that I'm complaining), yakked for a good...erm...1 hour? 2? I dunno, I didn't check the time. Then went to Downtown Duty Free so I could drool over the portable CD players and MD players (which I can't afford anyhow). Then we went to Woolworths, where she wonderfully helped me with my grocery shopping (mostly junk food). Then I bought bubble tea (I have no idea why, but I've been having this craving for it in the past few weeks...and I only started drinking it when I was in Melbourne, believe it or not. I'm an addict! I'm a bubble tea addict!!! Oh heaven forbid!! *Rolls eyes* Anyway, after that we went home. End of report. Err..what else to talk about? It was very nice of her to bring me around and such...for an (apparently) cranky person online, she's a really in person (muahahahahaha). :P Ok. I think I'm definately in a weird mood by now, so I'll drop this topic before she never invites me out ever again.

Oooh! Hani! The script! Uh..play! It was performed in class yesterday in front of the whole class...not just my tute group...and they loved it! It got quite a few laughs and I actually got asked by TWO different people if I wanted it to be performed in next year's 1 Act Play Festival. Even though I'm not gonna be here for it, one of the girls who asked me (she played a very good Wilhelmina), offered to direct and...do everything else people do to organise plays. It was a great offer! You should be awful proud! Erm..but I don't know if I'm gonna accept their offer or not because its not my play (well, except for the additions and the edits), and since its an assignment I can't very well put your name on it without having my lecturer know that it wasn't my work. Problem lah. How?
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Saturday, November 02, 2002

Bwahahahahha....lookie what I got!

Which Piercing are you?

You know..I've always wondered who this Annie Durian is..and today I found out. By myself (no, I didn't ask anyone!) So sorry Annie...gua betul betul tak tau!! But then again I've always been the slow one.

Pshaw. Yesterday I woke up at 4am. Stayed in the lab till 11am, cooked and had lunch till 12pm, then continued and finished Belgarath the Sorcerer by David Eddings till 6pm. Then came the fun part! I slept all the way till 6am this morning. Heheh. 12 hours of sleep. Was fun!

Along the way I had many many interesting dreams, most of which I can't remember. But one part that I do remember which happened just before I woke up to see the sun shining brightly through my window, is playing around in one of those man made beaches with a group of my friends. It was a weird but happy dream. I remember that the water felt funny...a little gel-like, viscous stuff that made running or walking slightly difficult. But everyone else seemed to be okay with it. We were playing around with a beach ball, kicking it around. Why I remember that, I have no frickin idea. But what I remember the most is that there was one girl among the group who was my girlfriend. Have any of you ever had those dreams of your perfect partner? Something like your soulmate. For those of you who don't believe, well, don't nag at me, this is just a dream. Anyway, it was like this girl is (?)/was (?) my soulmate. She was Chinese, I think. Or Asian anyway. She had long black hair, slim figure and the sweetest smile I'd ever seen. I know that because there was one time when we were kicking the beach ball around in the water and she was standing in front of me, laughing, then she just turned around and flashed that smile at me...okay this is starting to get embarassingly mushy. Me gonna go out and have a smoke and think about her summore...but I won't write any more about it here. It was weeeiiirrdd. Nice dream, but still weird. But I think I've had this kinda dream before..I just can't remember it. Bleh, must be assignment stress that's screwing my head up.
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Friday, November 01, 2002

Okay okay, so I haven't posted for 2 days, but I've been busy..and tired. Managed to get my assignment deadline extended till Monday 9am. Or was it 9.30am? *scratches head* Nevermind. Did a presentation yesterday too...from slacking off and being the worst presenter in the whole group during our trial run, with 20 minutes of practice I became the best. HAH! That showed them. Scold me summore la. The worst person in my group who presented was this Swedish girl who, apparently, is a real bitch. Of course, I wouldn't know, because I've only been to 2 group meetings out of..err...say 6-7? During the presentation all she did was stand in front, stare hard at the paper, and mumble sentences that even I couldn't hear...and I was sitting in the front of the class with the rest of my group mates. Not only did she drag down our marks with that, she also created long moments of absolute silence by simply standing there, looking at her paper, and blinking. Of course, she DID speak some, but whenever she didn't mumble her sentences, she'd go in circles and repeat herself several times. If the whole thing hadn't been so terribly embarassing, I'd have been laughing my ass off. Anyway we got a low Distinction as our grade. The lecturer said it would've been higher, 'cept that we ran over the length of time permitted. *Grumbles at stupid Swedish girl*

Okay, seeing that its 10am now, which is my usual time of the night (my bodyclock runs on US time now) for me to start behaving erratically, I shall take the risk and point out the obvious. I've changed my blog template again. *Winces and docilely awaits punishment* My Blog's so much prettier now. I think I'll leave it at this template for awhile (why does that line sound so familiar?). Whatever it is, at least I know I'm definately getting a little better at messing around with my template. I haven't had any major accidents for awhlie now. For those of you who can't do html for nuts, don't worry, I'm with you! We can blunder around together! *high fives you, whoever you are*

Okay..I'm gonna go home now and get something to eat. I'm feeling decidedly peckish (no, not of the fowl variety, and neither is it because I'm in a bad temper. I'm in quite good spirits today). Must be PMS again...I'm actually eating 2 meals a day now. Mmmm...lots of cabbage is in order...and screw the gas.
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