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Monday, December 23, 2002

Okay, so I havent been blogging. I've started out many blogs these days with (almost) these selfsame words. Just different versions of it. Why havent I felt the urge to blog this time? Because its kinda hard to keep up the enthusiasm to blog when every time I type something, I either get too frustrated/distracted by the fact that I've just gotten disconnected from the net OR my pc hangs.

Its most likely that many people won't even see this until days after its been posted..not that I can blame them...I havent blogged for a week already. My most 'faithful customer' is probably Jantha, who comes in for her daily dose of porn :P However, she doesn't read my posts...she just wants the porn. *Rolls eyes* No wonder she's the sperm and I'm just the hentai cat. :P

Damn I really love Avril Lavigne's new song 'I'm With You'. Man does dat gurl have a voice!

Anyways, nothing much been happening around me...Oscar's finally agreed to be friends (hope its for real this time), and I've started my new job down at the Pizza Hut call centre. I can actually say "Good evening, thank you for calling Pizza Hut, hello?" in under 2 seconds. The 'hello' takes half a second on its own because I drag it out...you can't really understand the rest of the sentence..my words sorta run together. Imagine picking up somewhat like..30-40 calls in about 4 hours...and for every call you have to say the same things over and over again...augh..why not just lock me up in a madhouse? Of course, I'm still new to the job...It was only my 6th day today, so there's still an element of novelty in all this thats still keeping me sane. However, after a month of this...*wails* I wanna work in a cybercafe again!!!!!

PCs been givin me abit of trouble recently...its performance has been rather erratic. Sometimes it behaves beautifully...other times it hangs just about once every minute. Its weird. But now its behaving, so I'm thankful for that. The Internet connection in my area, however, has been behaving worse than my PC...sometimes I can barely stay connected for 2 seconds before I'm disconnected again. Other times, being disconnected from the Internet hangs my PC altogether...so its like being caught between a rock and a hard place. Damn I need to get cable...and to think its gonna be at least 3 months before I can get a real job (after I get my cert), and another month on top of that to get my first paycheck and be eligible (according to my mom) to pay for cable, and yet another month at least before I can get the bloody thing installed. Am prolly gonna get that TMNet StreamX thingy. Right now, compared to the phone line charges I'm running up just by being constantly DISconnected from the internet, I'm thinking that RM100 a month for a 24 hr, unlimited download connection ain't too bad at all. In fact, its positively delicious. The only thing that could top that is if TMNet or Jaring would miraculously upgrade their dialup service until its just slightly short of downright shocking. Right now its borderline #^&%^^%@#$@#$&*%##$#$^&#$ *pant pant pant* #$$^&@#%$#^&*^*%#$%$@ nightmarishly, fuckingly, unimaginably HORRIBLE.

Anyway, thats enough from me. Don't wanna risk my PC hanging and having to retype this whole blog again (which I HATE to do), so I'd better save (repeatedly), (try to) get online and post this. Ta folks.

Oh, and I'm going after Mei again...wish me luck guys :P

Btw Jantha...don't read so much porn, you horny fuckhound!!! Rofl!!
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Saturday, December 14, 2002

Dear father...forgive me, for I have sinned. I havent blogged since...holy cow! Tuesday?! Sheesh...time really flies when day after day passes and you're not doing much. Erm..okay that sounds contradictory..but its true!! The things I do everyday seem almost the same until I can't tell the difference between one day and the next. Anyway, don't have much time, so straight to the latest updates.

Update #1:
Will (most likely, but havent gotten confirmation yet) be working for the call center for Pizza Hut, together with my sister (who'll be my senior!). You know, the one you call when you wanna get a pizza delivered to your house? Yes Jantha, I know you order Dominoes. Go get stuffed. :P

Update #2:
I got groped by 4 (very very very very very very very) pretty transvestites (TS). And enjoyed it! Heh. It was at the party I attended on Friday, at a club called Velvet. The organisers had a show, and it was 2 akua comedy acts, and the...whatchamacallit..some TS dance troupe. Hee. Anyway, I was sittin awfully close to the stage (place was a little cramped)...it was so close that i had to move my legs when the dancer(s) on the..uh...left...(if you're facing them) needed to walk past. Heh. Then on their 2nd dance number..suddenly they pulled me up on stage and started rubbing me all over. Muahahahaha. Shiok. *Thinks back to that night* ... *Smirks* ... Muahahahahah! Ok la..but abit paiseh also...cuz I had no bloody idea what to do once I was up on stage...it was kinda funny...prolly ever butch in that place wanted to trade places with me, but I was wishing that I could trade places with any one of them...rofl. Funny. And shiok. At times more embarassing than shiok. :P

Update #3:
Also on Friday, Oscar got very jealous of me being groped by so many pretty 'gurls'. Duh. *Rolls eyes* I think she forgot that they had dicks hanging between their legs. Anyway, couldn't stand her, so sorta stayed away from her for the rest of the night, and by the time she sent me home (she INSISTED), I'd had enough of all her nonsense, and I called the whole thing off, said I wanted to be just friends. I think its the right choice...and I regret the fact that I wavered in my resolve earlier. I shoulda stuck to my guns the whole time. This shows what weakness will get ya.

Update #4:
I've finally worn jeans again after a hiatus of 2 years (for god knows what reason). I actually think I look good in them! :P Heh. Any comments? Would be much appreciated.

Anyways, thats all I have time for right now...gotta go get dressed...goin to The Mall to alter some pants I bought last weekend on a shopping spree..(same time I bought my new jeans too :P), then onto MidValley for the career fair....and all I really wanna do is FAG!!!
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Monday, December 09, 2002

I need a fag.

I definately been watchin too much tv lately. (Oh, and if you think there's something wrong with the earlier sentence, well, there is.) I don't think I've watched so much tv ever since early April, when my friend lent me her laptop to use for a coupla months. Right now, I'm watching like, what, about 5 hours of tv a day...if I stay home, that is. I used to watch about 5 hours of tv a week in the last several months. However, there is one good thing thats a result of my endless tv-watching-spree...which is that I now think that Malaysian tv ain't that bad after all. We've actually got some pretty good shit up on the air these days. Of course, Malaysian tv will probably never be as good as 'white-man's tv'...reason being because we don't have any NUDITY!!! Or swearing!! Hell, if the govt thinks that censoring all the bad words from public broadcasts of any kind will prevent the future generation from learning how to swear...damn sometimes I wonder who's running the govt. The so-called 'adults', or their mak-nenek's, equipped with all the grandmother stories. I mean, even with all the censorship implemented by the govt, what good has that really done? Porn can be bought in every dark (or not-so-dark) alley, and I've heard them primary school punks swear better (or worse) than I do. Of course, I can swear more creatively than they can...it comes with experience. Heh. *Wink* Ehem.
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Delayed Post.

Sollie...this is what I wanted to post earlier this evening...but I got disconnected before I could click the 'Post & Publish' button... *Rolls eyes*

Oooo..its been a pretty nice weekend I reckon...wanted to blog earlier, but just never got around to doing it....hmm. It might have been because my parents have been nagging at me to go online less and less...*Rolls eyes*

Ooo...met up with Mei again over the weekend...I definately think she's cool. And cute too. Hehehehe. *Drool* Rofl. *Blink blink* Hey, stop staring at me like that...what, I can't say a girl's cute now? *Snickers*

Ou..kay gotta go now...goin out for yumchar with Oscar...(wish she'd back off a little..she's going too fast again!).
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Thursday, December 05, 2002

I only have one thing to say today. *Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn*....*Blink blink* Uhh..what was I saying? Oh yeah...1 thing to say today. ME tiredddddd!!!

Stayed up the whole of last night to be my mom's 'talking alarm clock', waking her up at 2.30am, then 2.45am, then 3am, then 5am, then finally at 5.20am. After that I had to help her bake some cookies for her friends because she had 'overslept'. Later that morning, I went to visit Oscar's shop at Bali. Uhh...apa nama...Leisure Commerce Square(?). Stoned there from 11am till 3+pm I think...was so boring! Fell asleep a time or two even. I forgot to bring any reading material there, so ended up reading the whole of the Star newspaper...even the classifieds. I even found 1 or 2 jobs that I could apply for. Hee. Anyone know of any jobs for a Mass Comm degree fresh grad? :P
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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Ash Boon, Angsty Film Critic.

Just finished watching some Jap ghost flick called 'Dark Water'. Man...the whole movie was a serious waste of my time. It was about a mother and 6-yr-old daughter (Ikiko) who'd just moved in to this old apartment building. Actually, it seems to me like they were the only damned people actually living in that place, besides the building manager. All that screaming and dirty water and NOBODY else even stuck their heads out. Sheesh. Anyways, after moving in, a coupla eerie ethings happened, mother finds out that a year before, a young schoolgirl (who's mom had abandoned her) had gone missing. So this 'missing' girl had died by climbing up and falling into the water tank, located on the top of the apartment building. Oh, and did I forget to mention that the water tank had a big uncovered hole at the top? Duh. Anyway, the dead kid becomes a ghost (they always have to be ghosts for some reason...why not a nice vampire or something?) and starts bullying Ikiko, making her fall ill and all that. The mom gets scared cuz she knows there's a ghost in the apartment above them, the place where the kid who went missing used to live. So to cut a long story short, there was a lot of boring bull after that, and since the ghost wanted a new mother to replace the one that abandoned her, Mother dearest sacrifices herself to protect her daughter. Of course we don't get to see how the ghost actually killed her because they had to get in the lift and close the doors while the poor daughter beat her small fists on the grubby lift doors, all the while screaming (in Japanese) "Mommy, mommy". She then follows the lift up a floor, bangs on the doors again, and plops down to the floor and cries. Suddenly the lift door opens and a ton of filthy water gushes down on her. She again cries for her mother. Dammit I feel like I'm writing a film treatment. Duh.

Anyway, on to the 'good' part of the show. I only say its good because Ikiko grew up to be a pretty gurl in a high school uniform. Yes, I'm secretly a pervert. Oh joy. Anyway, she drops by her old neighbourhood again on the way to her friend's house, and decides to revisit her old apartment that's been closed and condemned. How sweet of her. Despite all that, the lift still works, even though the whole building's dark as the inside of a whore's pussy. Actually it was that way the whole time. I think the director's trying to save money on lighting. Then she walks into her old apartment and, surprise, surprise! everything's the same as it was before. She pokes around, and wallah! MumsyDearest is home! Our female Einstein here doesn't have a clue what's going on, and chatters away to her mom as if her last memory of her mother wasn't seeing her in the green arms of a frickin' murderous ghost. Hell, that gurl's as cute as she is dumb. She even wants to move in with her mom again. Of course, Mumsy Dearest says no, because, guess what? Green Arms was standing right behind Cute Girl. Cute Girl finally suspects what's going on, turns around, sees nothing, faces
front again, finds out Mom has disappeared and FINALLY figures out what's going on. Sweet.

Heh. So sorry to spoil it for you guys...NOT. Like, maybe some of you out there might find it a nice show...certainly there were a few good elements in there, but...ah duh. The movie is stereotypical of all the Jap horror films I've ever seen...lots of suspense, but a rather OTT (over the top) delivery of the shocks that I find tasteless. Its the epitome of 'cheap thrill-dom'. Its like..for example, there was this scene where the tap to the bathtub started gushing water. At first,the water was clear, a few seconds later, it was black, because, like duh, they'd already showed where the kid died. Then little Ikiko tried to turn it off, but it was pretty obvious that the taps were already tightly shut. And she kept trying to shut them off. Like hellooo? We get the idea already? Then dirty black water overflows from the side of the bathtub, and starts bubbling violently in the middle. So, okay, something's coming up from the middle of the tub. Mini-Einstein keeps staring at it..suspense builds, then suddenly, green hands shoot out of the tub and grab her head, pulling her face down into the water. Okay, that's fine, except that the hands were so fast that if I hadn't already known that something was gonna pop up from down there, maybe I just woulda thought, 'Oh, Cutie Pie wanted a mud-pack for her face.' Rofl.

Oh, and guess what. After I'm writing all that, besides getting disconnected like..what...6, 7 times? And being eaten alive by hordes of mozzies (do we have a mozzie farm in KL or something?), I have discovered that Blogger is DOWN. I can't even access the main page. Its because of that bloody hacker thats been bothering them recently. I know it. Bastard. He's been causing trouble to everyone! Why can't he go do something more useful with his time instead of inconveniencing decent folks like us. Like, robbing a bank or something. As long as its not my bank. :P Or..he could always do my laundry for me. Heh.

Ah duh..PC hanged again! BITCHASS!
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Sunday, December 01, 2002

Yay! Put up my website for my J232 Cyberpraxis course on Geocities. Heh. Worked out all the kinks except 1 so far...the stupid mouseover that I was having so much of a problem with. Its not much of a mouseover...I have to leave my mouse there for like 15 seconds before the mouseover starts happening. Rofl. Slow shit. :( Its not much of a website...like I said, it WAS for an assignment...but go take a look anyhow. Go! Shoo! What're you waiting for? *Blink blink* Oh. I forgot to give you the address. You can either find it here, OR you can click the link on the right hand side of this page. Hee. Stupid mouseover.

Blogger's still lagging! Its hard to do changes to my blog when I can't see what those changes are...unless I do it on notepad and stuff..but some things just can't be seen offline..like the Haloscan comments box. Heh. Dumb blogger. Earn your keep!!!
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Would just like to notify you guys that for some weird reason, Blogger's very very laggy in updating my posts. Why? I have no frickin clue. Its very very annoying. And I havent had a ciggy all day so I'm very...irritable.

Ah bleh...had an absolutely UNproductive, bored as shit, unremarkable day. Stayed home all day and watched 2 VCD's because once I start watching TV, I normally continue on it for quite awhile. Heh. Saw Shaolin Soccer and The new Harry Potter movie (or Potluck, as my uncle calls him). Wanted to watch Queen of the Damned, but my mom was complaining about it. "What kind of nonsense movie is this??" Oh, how I hate it when she's acting all irrational and irritatingly 'parent-y'. I'd like to insult her Richard Gere movies too...except that they're normally good ones. Its kinda hard to insult my mom's things/tastes...because she's such a frickin trend-follower. Peh.

Was quite funny the other day...my mom and I met up with an aunt of mine. My aunt asked me what I'd majored in, what sort of job was I looking for, bla bla (the usual semi-interested questions normally asked by relatives). However, she did suggest that I apply for vacant positions in Astro (Ooo..I like!). Then mummy dearest had to come along and shove her 2 cents in by saying that she'll speak to her PR dept about it, bla bla bla. Like, hello...you've known what I was studying and what sort of job I was interested in doing all the while, why didn't you say something earlier? Instead of waiting for someone else to mention it, then jump in and offer something like a nosey, two bit, egotistical poodle. (Sorry guys, am rather pissed with my mom right now...she's getting on my nerves).

Bleh..anyway, Harry Potluck was pretty okay...didn't get to see the ending though, coz the VCD was fuc..-uh..i mean screwed up. At least I got to see most of it without any problem. Shaolin soccer was frickin funny...heh. I recommend. Prolly gonna watch Queen of the Damned later. Or Titan AE. Heard it was good, but never had the chance to watch it. So now, since I'm on hols and my mom nags me almost unceasingly whenever I'm on the comp (she must have forgotten how attached I am to the pc in the 9 months that I was away), I reckon that I'd better break my usual habits and start watching lots and lots of TV to kill my boredom. After all, I did borrow 50+ DVDs from my uncle, and another 5-8 VCDs from Oscar. *Snicker*.

Heheh...someone said I was cute yesterday :P Unfortunately for me, it was a guy. Ah duh..rofl. And I didn't even bind my chest! (No dirty thoughts, you people). Its amazing. Well, sort of. Hee. It is to me anyway. Its a sort of 'to-be-continued' type of amazement that first started back in Perth...muehehehe. Okay, I miss Perth! I miss being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want. I miss being able to eat, sleep, study, go online, laze away my time and stay out as late as I like. I do NOT like being nagged at an average of 20-30 times a day (at least). I HATE having my mother martyr herself (even though I do know I owe her much for sponsoring my education and living costs..but her posturing is just bitchy). Lastly, I absolutely...uh..is there a word worse that hate? Oh right! Lastly, I absolutely DESPISE being threatened! Did any of you ever know that? Well, its more than a pet hate. I grew up with my mom threatening to throw me out of the house if I misbehaved. When I grew too big and strong to be scared of her being able to drag me out of the house (oh, that was since I was 12 or so), I started ignoring her threats. Well, then she started to make me kneel on bottlecaps...cuz I liked to play with bottlecaps..and being forced by her to walk to her when she wanted to punish us. Oh you know what I mean...like when she points at the floor in front of her and says, "You Come Here!". In later years, after we 'acquired' some dogs...I noticed that she punishes the dogs in exactly the same way. So woof you too, mummy dearest.
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