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Sunday, January 05, 2003

Dammit...I just had a freakin nightmare! Its been years since I last suffered from one...maybe I've had one too many supernatural influences lately. Heh...watchin a ghost show and readin 2 supernatural-themed books in a row isn't exactly what I'd call a healthy influence. I haven't felt so scared in a damned long time. I was so paranoid from the moment I woke up that all I could do was curl up into a ball and wait for the feeling to pass...somewhat.

That stupid nightmare scared me so much that I'm temporarily afraid of the dark. I still don't quite know what caused it...it seemed so real, as all nightmares do. In the nightmare, I was sleeping in my parents room, sandwiched between my sis and my dad, like I did when I was younger. In that room, there's a dressing table with a big mirror at the foot of my dad's bed (all the beds are pushed together), and a 4 foot stand fan on the floor behind our heads. Anyway, I kept waking up (in the dream) to drink water because I was thirsty, and I knew that I was having a nice dream (a dream within a dream..adoi). Then, only half awake, I groggily realised that my water bottle was empty. Okay, so I'd finished all my water. Shortly after slipping back into sleep, I thought I heard the stand-fan shut itself off and then turn back on again, but I ignored it and blissfully slept on. A while later I woke up again, because I was thirsty (I must've eaten a packet of salt or sumthin), and reached for my water bottle and started drinking again. After screwing the cap back on I realised something...didn't I finish all my water earlier?

CHAPTER 2: The Horror
Hee...! :P Just kidding...anyway back to the story. Anyway, even after it occured to me that something was wrong, I blurly dismissed it as just my foggy state of mind and got up to put my bottle back on the dressing table at the foot of my dad's bed. Just after putting the bottle down, I looked up at the mirror...and saw a young boy sitting on the floor about 2 feet away from the dressing table, looking at me. Immediately I realized that that boy was not supposed to be there. Turning, I look at the area that was reflected by the mirror..and saw that it was empty. He really wasn't there! I froze for a second, and my heart jumped to my throat. At that moment, I made this choked scream and spun around to try and wake my dad up. I shook him and called his name and then shook him even more violently because he just refused to wake up! He mumbled a little, but that was it. At that moment, the fan cut out again, and there was this heavy feeling of dread in the room....and thats when I woke up for real, downstairs, on the couch where I'd fallen asleep earlier, all the lights off, mosquitoes feasting on me, and nary a soul in sight. Of all times, everyone had chosen to go to bed early and had left me downstairs all alone. Even my mom, who slept downstairs on her fave chair every night last week, decided to sleep upstairs in her bed for once. And my Shih Tzu, Xena, who normally sleeps in the hall at night, decided to sleep upstairs, and nobody had allowed my fave doggie Ray to come inside before they went to bed...uwaaaaa~~!!! Talk about bad timing!!

So after scaring myself silly on the couch for awhile, I quickly got up, turned on all the lights, and let Ray inside before hugging him abit, then lying down on the couch again. After a few minutes I felt that I just had to tell someone about it...so I smsed Mei and disturbed her..and she was darling enough to call me in the middle of the night to see if I was okay..she's such a sweetheart. Heh..okay okay, enough gushing. :P But turns out that she'd woken up earlier because of a nightmare too, and the first thing she thought of was one of the scary scenes from the The Ring that we watched earlier today..uh..yesterday. Actually I think she's more scared of these ghosty thingies than I am..hee...sorry Mei! ;P Heh...I had lots of fun watching that movie with her. She must have memorised her palm and fingerprints by heart now. Bwahahaha. Half the time I was trying to push her hands away from in front of her face...she was almost as fun to watch as the movie...rofl.

Oh yay!! Mom came down already...I can go pee safely now...LMAO...laugh now, shiver later...*yawn* Oh well...guess I'd better go before my good luck runs out. Fortunately for me, my computer has only hung itself ONCE tonight...and that was just after I'd posted whatever I'd written onto Blogger...its been disconnected many times already though...I think I really did cook my modem the other day during the thunderstorm...its been very problematic ever since. I don't think its the servers in the area, as no matter which ISP I connect to, its still screwy...if I'm lucky, I can stay connected for up to half an hour. However, data flow is very very stuttery and very very slow most of the time. *Sigh* I want Aussy cable!! :( M'sian ISPs suck bigtime.

Kays, enough moaning and groaning for now. Laytaz people.
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